Ceremonial Torture Promo

by Breaking Wheel

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released January 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Breaking Wheel Michigan


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Track Name: Life's Shadow
Last caress, limerence
Synthetic happiness
A poison laced kiss
Drug induced bliss as I sugar coat the pill
Revel in the kill

Let the death symphony play until the end of days
Let the sun exhaust its final rays
In this last dance, we laugh and sway

When one door closes, another never opens
Skeletons devoid of life
Draped with skin and flesh and night

The dull razor
The shallow knife
I'll worship the hand that ends all life
Track Name: Ceremonial Torture
At the altar of pain I drain my veins
There skeletons dance in a desultory trance
Slave to the non-existent
Victim of the nihilistic
Sentence me to nothing

Let me kiss the hand that starves
The hand which takes the knife and carves
Words hold no truth, your suffering is the proof

God of pain
God of sin
Through you I am born again

Crush my bones, break my skin
Ceremonial torture, let it begin

Create my palace from your bones
Skulls of lovers make up my throne
Screams of sorrow fill my halls
Under my reign passion falls

Blood, bone, skin, flesh
Here on Earth, find no rest
Blood, bone, skin, flesh
Carve a final word, in humanities head; end
Track Name: Teleology of Annihilation
Death is the shadow of life
There is no shade where there is no light
No flame of hope burns
In everlasting night

The path is blackened
We walk without sight
We sing the hymns of extinction veiled in soft expressions
We hum a positive song to suppress
Our universal depression

We curse Eve for her betrayal
We spite the Serpent for his deception
But the Curse of Adam in clear perception
Is a gift that we should relish
The knowledge that we shall perish is a thought we all should cherish

From being, to this, to nothingness
Man is nothing more than transition

Rejoice in the setting sun
As life leaves our eyes
We draw closer to beautiful demise
Let mother become an obsolete word, father a useless term

Sterile Earth, be still and quiet
Lie-down in concrete beds
And let nature decorate our unmarked graves
Bury humanity in moss and dirt
A testament to our final worth
Death the blessing, and life the curse