Empty Heaven

by Breaking Wheel

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released May 21, 2015

recorded, mixed and mastered by mat kerekes



all rights reserved


Breaking Wheel Michigan


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Track Name: Empty Heaven
Empty heaven
Not a soul resides in the kingdom of God
The lord himself has disappeared
No trumpets, no praise, no prayers

Heavens now cold and gray
Many followed the signs to this place
Hoping one day they could feel the touch of grace

The way is shut the doors are sealed
Go back to your graves, forever remain
It isn't hard to tell, God grew bored and created Hell
That is where all man goes
Who could live up to an eternal code?
Who could resist the taste of sin?
Deny paradise we were in

Bastard, lunatic, means to an end
God is no better than man
Redeeming no one, saving none
Freedom had been restored the day heaven closed its doors
Track Name: Death by Starvation
Birth is worse than death
Better to have not have been
Anticipation for the last breath

No love, no truth, no faith
Exhausted from a fruitless search
Nothing but a pointless ploy
To fill an endless void
Long for non-existence
Remove me from history
In the pit of my gut I know it's what I want

Enduring, prolonging, for nothing
Drown in the misery of life
Still act, like i can see a distant light
Oceans rising, forests burning, planet crying, species dying

Good let it end
Hand and hand, onward towards extinction
Good let it end

Crux of consciousness
Paradox of existence