Split w/ Orthodox

by Breaking Wheel

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released October 15, 2015



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Breaking Wheel Michigan


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Track Name: Scars of Love
Everyday that passes, the noose of love tightens
The knife I stick inside myself, anguish I can't live without
The older I get, the less i'll remember
I want this broken heart to last forever
A strange feeling when words lose their meaning

The blade my skin wants to taste, my blood makes it known
It's just this, flesh and bone, no fucking soul
It's scars of love, a curse of birth
Pills, thoughts of suicide, sleepless nights
It's true love
Track Name: Nothing is Tragic, Everything is Unreal
Life's a slow death, impaled but still alive
Living but wishing to die
Untold misery, sacred debauchery, worst of all possible worlds
The stage is set for cosmic death

Brutality in everything
Love, war, feast, famine a hell for every heaven
No hope, no solution, all leads to one conclusion

120 Days of Sodom, or the Kingdom of God
Would either one want to keep you breathing
Would they make life worth living
Will they mark it on your grave, will they say

Nothing is tragic, everything is unreal
So fucking kill
Track Name: Crypt
Thoughts of torture play out in my head
A violent fetish grows in my mind
In my dreams you kiss me, you love me, you use me, you kill me
This is punishment, this is judgement, self mutilation
I'll wear the scars, cut them open so you never feel far

I'm not a good man, it's the least of my desires
If I claimed inherent goodness, I would be a liar
Sadistic libertine is what I want to be
Disguise myself in halfhearted morality
Want to sin, want to kill, anything to feel fulfilled

I'll own it, I control it, this pain is needed and I know it
Smiling on the rack, i'm the tortures pet

Love is a memory, love is a fantasy, was not meant for me
My temple is my tomb, pleasure in these wounds
I'm in error in the contingent chain, sentence me to everlasting pain